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Bolton, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to sbrook

Re: Unlimited Internet option on Rogers for a limited time

i think it might have todo with customers in general, teksavvy customers are "teksavvy" in that they know these forums exist and how they initially found out about indies, and those users are usually online 24/7. rogers customers are not inclined to be teksavvy,

i know ror a fact that many do not know there are indies offering cable internet at all, all they know is bell and rogers. eg my brother, maybe hes online for a few hrs aday and didnt know indies exist until i told him, but he feels more comfortable paying the big companies as they are more "legit", he also still pays bell for pots over 50bucks/month.

so you cant base a decision on reading these forums, would be nice if rogers/bell would release service interuption complaints so we could compare apples to apples, but i know thats just a pipedream

Nepean, ON
But there is a record of all major outages. If there is an outage that affects a large area, it will be posted here. And there are accounts for TekSavvy service which directly points to Rogers as communicated to TekSavvy but ONLY on the TPIA links.

I do not disagree Rogers customers suffer outages but there has been far more the past 2 years with TPIA clients than Rogers retail clients simply because Rogers could not care less if outages occur on the third party networks and so they do not provide priority support.