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reply to paul248

Re: Status of ipv6 with Canadian ISP

said by paul248:

said by Last Parade:

Why you would actively want an IPv6 address is beyond me.

On the contrary, why would you want to actively restrict yourself from accessing the entire Internet? I just don't understand IPv6 luddism. It's like saying "my car still has gas in the tank, so I don't care if nobody is selling the Mr. Fusion here."

IPv6 moves us from a world where numbers are a scarce, expensive commodity, to a world of boundless plenty. How could you possibly be opposed to that, unless you have a vested interest in profiting from the scarcity?

What part of the internet can you not access?


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said by rogersmogers :

What part of the internet can you not access?

Incoming connection to many mobile phones in Europe and Asia. Increasingly, regular internet subscribers too.
Certain forms of VPN also require unique source and destination IP address pairs. So two people/systems behind the same NAT can't connect to the same endpoint.
I'd assume that most NAT routers only support tcp, udp and icmp. So newer protocols would probably be unusable.