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Hmm... That's funny.
Pacifica, CA
reply to KitFox

Re: Unobtrusive Antivirus?

said by KitFox:

Webroot SecureAnywhere. Least intrusive, period.Set, forget, and it just works. The AV version has an egress firewall extender as part of its basic functionality, so you can still use any other firewall out there.

PassMark rates it as disgustingly fast. 90 out of 98 possible while the next best were ESET and Norton at 62.
Webroot SecureAnywhere. Get it. Love it. Be happy.

I did a 14 day free trial last week after reading this rave review. I uninstalled it after 2 days. It made Firefox almost unusable by disabling embedded style sheets and JavaScript on certain sites. I was no longer able to upload photos to a photo gallery I manage. My home page was a shambles. It also disabled cookies by default popping up a window every time a site wanted to set a cookie. This was the way their "privacy guard" feature was implemented. It installed toolbars in Firefox and silently on IE. It found three infected files all of which were false positives. It removed autorun.inf files from my two external USB drives without telling me first. It did not quarantine anything, just deleted stuff it didn't like.

Far from being the "least intrusive" it was one of the most intrusive AV's I've ever tested.

My opinion only after a brief test using default settings. Your mileage may vary.
"It turns out we're very good at not seeing things" - Jack Hitt

Hilo, HI
KitFox See Profile works for Webroot.

Anyone considering trying it might want to first do a search of this forum as that will produce several threads, one maybe only six months ago, on Webroot SecureAnywhere.
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Astoria, NY
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i sent mele20 a PM, and she guided me to a great AV. It's GData. It's very light on the PC with this current build. So far so great here.
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