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DSL too slow. Checking into AT&T Uverse. Need help please.

Yes, I have had AT&T mobile, AT&T Home Service and AT&T DSL.
I have gotten rid of the pathetic phone service and the pathetic AT&T Mobile. The DSL has hardly ever gave me problems up until recently. It is so slow that I can click the log on button. Go and fix me a sandwich and it is still not loaded. It has worked great for the last three years. It is almost as bad as AOL.com from the early 90's. I have started checking into Uverse. I was told by AT&T that I would have to purchase the Gateway modem(3800/3801) from them for $100 to be able to use their service. Believe it or not I found that to be a LIE. There are a few including the 2Wire/Pace 3600, Moto NVG-510, Moto 2210 and the Moto 2310. The questions I have are as followed:
Which Modem listed or not listed. Would you recommend for the service? I have read mixed reviews on all of them. Will I have to have new wires run, software installed or any other things to do to get it up and running. I have a Ebay Business and it is slowing me down tremendously. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide. God Bless the USA! Chris


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First, there are 3 different types of "Uverse." If it really is a 3800HGV-B they're trying to sell you then you're on either the VDSL or FTTP types, which means the Moto NVG-510 and 2210 will not work. If you're in one of the very rare FTTP areas, the 2310 will not work either.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine which type of Uverse is in your area. That will tell you which modems are compatible.

Next, AT&T does not "include" a modem in any package - you either need to buy it upfront for $100 (only the NVG-510 is offered for the ADSL2+ type of Uverse, and only the 3600 is offered for the VDSL type of Uverse), or rent it for a monthly fee (every other modem). There are some tricks you can do to get out of the $100 upfront fee, but it requires finding a used modem elsewhere, accepting their $100 modem when signing up for service, but then returning it unopened once your service is up with the modem you bought used.


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reply to tru2au
said by tru2au:

I was told by AT&T that I would have to purchase the Gateway modem(3800/3801) from them for $100 to be able to use their service. Believe it or not I found that to be a LIE. There are a few including the 2Wire/Pace 3600, Moto NVG-510, Moto 2210 and the Moto 2310.

As mackey See Profile says. AT&T "DSL" isn't just ADSL any more. From a little digging on the Internet I found the following:

• 2Wire 3600HGV, 3800HGV/3800HGV-B, 3801HGV - VDSL
• Motorola NVG-510 - ADSL2+
• Motorola 2210-02-1002 - ADSL
• Motorola 2210-02-1006 - ADSL2+
• Motorola 2310 - VDSL

Further, while generic ADSL and generic ADSL2+ are somewhat interchangeable (an ADSL2+ device will fall back to ADSL if the device on the other end is only ADSL), the newer AT&T IP-DSL ADSL2+ service requires an AT&T issue ADSL2+ IP-DSL modem. My Sonic.net-issue ADSL2+ modems will not work with AT&T IP-DSL. Some older Bellsouth-issue ADSL2+ modems, like mine, will also not work with AT&T IP-DSL.

VDSL is not interchangeable with ADSL/ADSL2+; and, again, AT&T VDSL IP-DSL modems will not work on generic VDSL circuits, nor will generic VDSL modems work with AT&T IP-DSL.

And I haven't explored the issues with AT&T FTTP (because it is so rare, and I have no knowledge of how it works).

You can't blindly buy any old "AT&T DSL" modem off of eBay, or Craigs List, with the expectation that it will "just work" when you hook it up.

The AT&T rep wasn't lying to you.

BTW, my list is not comprehensive, and may have some errors. It was compiled from a quick-and-dirty search.
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reply to mackey
Yes, I have already figured it out about the returning the New unused modem to get my $100 back. You state that I need to find out which type of Uverse is in my area. Is there a easy way to do that without having to call AT&T and wait 30 minutes to talk to someone? Thanks so much for the help. Chris

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the problem is that you might have both available in you area The online ordering will let you know pretty quickly

»www.att.com/u-verse/availability ··· ndex.jsp

When you put your address in, if it says tv, internet & phone are available then you have VDSL available (Modems 3600/3800/3801)

if it only show internet than you are probably on the IPDSL (moto nvg510)

sometimes the vdsl & IPDSL are available in the same area. If you are only ordering the internet only then you may get the IPDSL service so they can save the VDSL ports for cx who order tv service that is why there may be some grey area

let me know what you find out


reply to NormanS
Yes, I know I can't blindly buy any Uverse modem anywhere and it will work. I do know for a fact that the modem that AT&T is trying to charge me $100 for. Is not the "ONLY" modem that can be used and it has to be purchased by AT&T. I am just trying to figure out what models will work. So, I will have it set up and just have to call AT&T and activate it. Of course I know that I can "NOT" get signed up with their service without paying $129.99. $29.99 for the service and $100 for the modem. I have already been told by numerous people on Uverse Forums ; including "Mackey". That I will just have to send back the unused modem to get my $100 back. Thanks! Chris


reply to Tech007
Yes, I only have Uverse Internet available. So, the Moto NVG510 is the only one that will work? Thanks Chris