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East Saint Louis, IL

How long does it take to become a new customer?

My mom currently has Charter HSI. She is locked into a 24 month deal for $35 per month. This is fine. When this deal expires, it looks like the pricing is going up to either $50 or $55, I can't really tell by reading all of the posts here.
I am considering moving her to Clear Wireless for a while. I have tested the signal levels at her home using a freedompop voyager hotspot, it was getting all 5 bars inside her house.
I doubt she uses 10 gb per month, the unlimited plan goes for either $35 or $45 per month, depending on the speed desired.
Is the wait time 90 days from leaving Charter before she can come back as a new customer and qualify for the $30 12 month deal?

Strange Data

Most cable companies consider a 90 day break in service as a new member install. However, YMMV, so check with the local office


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To be considered a new Charter customer, customer must not have subscribed to Charter TV®, Charter Internet® and/or Charter Phone® service within the previous 90 days and must have no outstanding obligations to Charter.


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If your mother is located in the Illinois/Missouri area, it's 60 days to be considered a new customer.