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reply to dandelion

Re: Unobtrusive Antivirus?

said by dandelion:

I had NIS that I bought for 4-5 years with my XP and with this new computer (Win 7) just got it through comcast ..the year free one..but dont' think you can use just the virus protector, worth a try though. I don't believe in a single security program for protection however. I also have a host file and use firefox with adblocker and noscript. Good luck on whichever one you pick and someone mentioned you need to adjust most you have. I did some minor adjustments on NIS to tell it what I liked.
PS Never had the problems with it you mentioned. Hopefully that doesn't mean you have malware

If you bring up the Advanced screen, you can turn off whatever modules you want, with time spans ranging from 15 minutes to system restart to permanently.
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