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Stats on my terrible new dry loop.....

Hi everyone,

Been reading you guys for years but now I need your help figuring out what's wrong on my new line. Been with Colba.net for 3 years and everything was really nice.... ADSL2 at 12 down 0.8 up and latency between 9 and 20. Until today! I decided to get their IPTV for the kids....

So the tech from Bell showed up this morning and he and Colba told me I needed a new line for my dry loop.... He re-did some wiring, waited to see if it synced and left. OMG! I now barely have 7 down and the latency is now over 40ms!

Could someone tell me if my line stats could help narrow down the reason behind this ADSL destruction or at least help me get Colba to ask Bell to switch me for an other line..

Many Thanks in Advance!

Mode: ADSL_2plus
Traffic Type: ATM
Status: Up
Link Power State: L0
  Downstream Upstream
Line Coding(Trellis): On On
SNR Margin (0.1 dB): 81 82
Attenuation (0.1 dB): 390 236
Output Power (0.1 dBm): 193 124
Attainable Rate (Kbps): 9224 932
  Path 0  
  Downstream Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 8470 924
MSGc (# of bytes in overhead channel message): 51 14
B (# of bytes in Mux Data Frame): 59 13
M (# of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame): 4 16
T (Mux Data Frames over sync bytes): 5 7
R (# of check bytes in FEC Data Frame): 12 10
S (ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length): 0.9036 7.6721
L (# of bits in PMD Data Frame): 2231 244
D (interleaver depth): 32 8
Delay (msec): 7.22 15.34
INP (DMT symbol): 0.68 1.31
Super Frames: 451778 437725
Super Frame Errors: 1655 235
RS Words: 20823853 2450329
RS Correctable Errors: 9915 2006
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 786 0
HEC Errors: 9593 394
OCD Errors: 0 0
LCD Errors: 0 0
Total Cells: 93982753 10252808
Data Cells: 24536379 156229
Bit Errors: 0 37535
Total ES: 123 142
Total SES: 29 0
Total UAS: 141 141


Verdun, QC
I'd ask colba to submit a ticket to Bell to put you back on the previous line you had. Those stats aren't "terrible" but for iptv, it will be kinda slow.


He's most likely on Colba's colocated DSLAMs so asking Bell to put him on a remote would be a no-go.


Toronto, ON
reply to Nomeansno
They could have you on a lower DSL profile at the moment. If nothing else except for the dry-loop has changed in your setup; call Colba and get them to check your profile / set it back to where it was before.


With only 8dB SNRM, I doubt setting the line rate any higher than it already is would be a good idea.

In all likelihood, he got switched to a worse pair during his dry-loop switching process or at the very least something got messed around with and did not like it.


reply to Nomeansno
Thanks for your answers.... it is probably a line problem but colba told me they couldn't ask Bell to change the line or give me back the old one that is still LIVE as there is still a dial tone on it. Being switch to a Bell DSLAM could get me a nicer profile but Colba only offer 5mb/s profiles so forget the IPTV.

Is the line bad enough I can argue it is unfit for internet usage? From what I read, an attenuation of 400 is way out of range.

Is it really impossible for Bell to give me back the old line?

I'm left with cancelling everything and try to get a refund for the IPTV stuff. And then go for Bell's FIBE!