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Lincoln, RI

[WIN7] word 2003 docutments opening as 2010

I have Word 2003. Every once in a while, I think when I open a sent document that is created by someone else in 2010, my old documents want to open in 2010. It also messes up my Microsoft Office Outlook 2013. When I go to open a word document it says "installing". I stop it, but now I can't get my old 2003 documents to open in 2003.

Carpentersville, IL

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It sounds to me that you actually have 3 different sets of applications installed from multiple versions of Office.

You mention Word 2003. Then you mention if someone sends you a document created by someone in 2010(I'm assuming you mean Word 2010), it opens in 2010, but then all your word documents want to open in 2010.

Finally, you say that in doing so, it messes up Outlook 2013.

While I believe that different parts of Office 2010 can play "nice" with different parts of Office 2013, the same is not true with any part of Office 2003.

My suggestion would be that unless you have a compelling reason to stay with Word 2003, I would remove that version from the mix and go with Office 2010, and Outlook 2013.

Best option would be to dump everything, and go with 2013 for all your products. That way, everything is on the same version, and in the end, a lot less hassle with file associations and opening the right program.

--Brian Plencner

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