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Bremerton, WA

[Equipment] strange problem

All of the sudden I can no longer dial certain prefixes from my ViaTalk lines, they come back with fast busy signals. These lines all worked fine previously, for the passed 2 years. All other prefixes seem to work. Anyone ever have a problem like this ?


Columbus, OH
yes, I had this problem some time ago. I sent in a detailed trouble ticket, and they handled it right away.

Central PA

Aspers, PA
ViaTalk quickly handled mine yesterday, too, although in a fashion that was disappointing.

I reported that when I dial the *82 prefix to unblock my Caller ID with outgoing calls, I am not able to hear ringing, and oftentimes cannot hear if the called party has answered or not. Yet, when I call the same parties/telephone number without the *82 prefix, the calls are completed perfectly.

After a few test calls and traffic captures, ViaTalk tech support said that a lot of " 486's " were being generated probably due to a short in my CAT 5e wiring, or perhaps a jack.

When I asked how dialing the *82 prefix invokes shorts that generate the " 486's " (because there are no problems when I do not dial the *82 prefix) ViaTalk tech support rep said he didn't know and suggested that I purchase a cordless telephone with the base plugged in to the ATA because they, "Work pretty good".

ViaTalk Ticket ID: HVU-16008

Ticket closed. Next?