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Daniel TD


[Internet] Fibe25 connection hub drooping connection.

I have a connection hub and my connection will drop the connection 8 - 15 times throughout the day. Connection will drop, dsl light will start flashing, another light will flash red a few times and the connection will re connect and I will be good again until the next one. Bell has sent a technician out twice and I have spoken with tech support several times to no avail.

I have a xbox360 hard wired to the hub and 2 laptops connected wireless, and an android phone via wifi sometimes.

this occurs even when i turn of all wireless connections while im playing online.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem?


If the DSL is flashing, you have a line problem.

Daniel TD

reply to Daniel TD
yes they came out again and indeed it was the line, all fixed and good to go now