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Chillicothe, IL

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reply to UnhappyMCer

Re: [IL] mediacomcable.com

said by UnhappyMCer :

I've been unable to reach mediacomcable.com for several days now. Instead of asking for customer traceroutes, have you ever thought about hiring one employee who knows a little something about routing?

There could be several things that cause an issue like this by providing trace routes it allows the person trying to resolve the issue to have a starting point. The same thing can be said about taking a car to a mechanic and saying its not working correctly. The mechanic would need more information and ask you some questions to find out what is causing the issue.

Mediacom probably has multiple IP ranges going through several pieces of backbone equipment and there could be an issue at any of the devices. by providing the trace route you are providing information needed to narrow down the issue and resolve the issue quickly.