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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

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reply to knarf829

Re: Ripping CD's - Mac vs. Windows

said by knarf829:

Something like 400 Gb large, I think.

Almost no one on earth can tell the difference between MP3s ripped using lame's -V0 preset and the original uncompressed WAV files *when played through a portable device.* You can even go down to -V1 or -V2 with relative transparency.

If you're going to send it digitally to a dedicated DAC and then out to an audiophile system, then, yes, you'll want to keep it as lossless as possible. But for space and for interoperability with other devices, MP3 is the way to go.

What I do with my collection is rip to FLAC for archival purposes (hard drive storage) and rip to MP3 for everyday usage. I put CDs in and rip them twice right then. That way I have lossless copies stored in case some new mind-blowing compression technique comes down the pike in 10 years and a universally playable transparently compressed version that works across all my devices to use now.

EDITED TO ADD: No one on earth - no one - can tell the difference between FLAC and WAV because there is no difference between the two. You can convert a WAV to FLAC and then convert that FLAC back to WAV and your result will be a bit-identical version of the original WAV. Lossless.

We're looking at using an Arcam rDAC.