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Livermore, CA
reply to cypherstream

Re: [X1] Xfinity X1 now available to New Customers in Philly!

said by cypherstream:

Do you guys also have the Shazam feature as seen in the first photo gallery on theverge?
»www.theverge.com/2012/5/21/30339 ··· ial-apps

Looks like there is a shazam icon in the dvr transport controls. They used it to identify a song playing on MTV Jams.

Any project dayview features yet? What about home security integration? Anything unique in particular to caller ID or voice mail? Some of the images at the verge show the ability to playback voice mail through the TV and also voice to text translation.

Nice find, I just checked, and not here That's a pretty cool feature but I guess I can just continue using Shazaam on my smartphone until it comes out, assuming it will be released. Maybe they were using an older preview build and later decided to scrap the feature? Who knows. Also playback of voice mail through the TV would be awesome! Hell we can already do it on the smartphone/ipod/computer/phone why not the TV as well lol