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Waterloo, ON

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Fergus cable availability?

Hi All,

It's been close to a year since I last really seriously looking into the availability of cable through a non-Cogeco ISP. While I love Wightman, their service is sluggish and limited to the technology of DSL. Frankly, my girlfriend and I find it slow. DSL as a technology is terrible compared to cable and we've had to deal with service disruptions when a switch blew out at the CO.

I started looking around again and discovered that it *appears* that cable is available through Acanac and Distributel. I know last year there was a small London-based ISP that was offering services that basically mimicked Cogeco's pricing structure.

I'm looking for unlimited, cap-free 28 meg cable. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know Cogeco seemed to be reluctant to switch their services on for 3rd party providers. How much has the landscape changed for us consumers stuck in Cogeco-land?



St Catharines, ON
There aren't any choices that match all your requirements right now.

Only ISP's that have switched to Cogeco's Aggregated POI's will be offering service in Fergus (a lovely town I had the displeasure of sitting in for 6 hours waiting for the second group of campers to pick me up. This after my trucks transmission grenaded driving through your fine down).

Teksavvy offers unlimited Cable, and just got on aggregated Cogeco about a week ago, but currently they don't show that high of a speed offering (max 16/1). was the first "major" indie to get on aggregated, and can offer those speeds, but a 250GB cap. Not sure if thats the "small london" one you refer too, but they've been around for years.

This might change in the next week or two, currently the rates the CRTC lets Cogeco charge indies means Start could not offer unlimited, if you were to say download a 1TB of data they'd lose hundreds of dollars per month to keep you as a customer.
The CRTC is due to release revised rates any day.

Hi there
Lachine, QC
reply to loopdokter
Yeah, I'd wait a bit more. A major decision is due this week that might change the pricing quite a bit for everyone.

reply to loopdokter
My buddy has FTTH (GPON) in his house in Palmerston from Wightman, when was the last time you checked with them?


London, ON
reply to loopdokter
Cable 28/1 is an old speed from a Rogers-based area. I am assuming you are in Cogecoland since you mentioned them... has various plans based on Cogeco cable internet, but they have never 'mimicked' Cogeco's Pricing! Who would want to?

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Plunk in your postal code and see what is available; the plans you see will depend if Cogeco has upgraded your area to be D3-capable; NO unlimited plans, at the moment, except for 6M.

Start Junior Forum: »Start Communications

But, as others have stated above... BIG NEWS is coming this week from the CRTC, and then the IISP's will need a little time to 'adjust' their plans and pricing.

and... DSL works just fine for some of us!

Fort Erie, ON
Yeah, wait until next week. There could be some very significant changes on the TPIA front.


Waterloo, ON
reply to jasmo34
said by jasmo34:

and... DSL works just fine for some of us!

DSL is crap in my opinion. I supported it for years. It's a dated technology prone to all sorts of problems.

[rant] Cable just works. I've never had the amount of issues on cable (I used to live in Waterloo and had Teksavvy's unlimited cable which piggy-backed off of Rogers) that I have had on DSL. Unpredictable speeds, downtime due to shoddy Bell maintenance (especially in more rural areas), etc. Further to that, cable is supported into your home too, so if there's an issue inside the home, the tech will come in and fix it and not charge you an arm and a leg for doing so. Plus the speeds you can get on cable leave DSL in the dust unless you're binding DSL connections together. The most I've been down when using cable is a day. The longest I've been down with DSL is weeks.[/rant]

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I'm definitely looking for unlimited plans. I will be keeping an eye on the forums for this announcement.

I'm not a fan of Cogeco. Years ago I used to use them in St. Catharines in the mid-1990s and jokingly called them 'Cogeslow' because of their awful service (at the time). Their TV pricing is better than Rogers, but their Internet pricing is insane! It sounds like I'll deal with trying to pull down a bowling ball of bandwidth through the garden hose of DSL for now. :/


Waterloo, ON
reply to GreenEnvy22
said by GreenEnvy22: was the first "major" indie to get on aggregated, and can offer those speeds, but a 250GB cap. Not sure if thats the "small london" one you refer too, but they've been around for years.

That appears to be the one. They were the only ones offering it when I looked into it at the time (April 2012). Their cap was what put me off.

In this day and age it blows my mind that ISPs are even allowed by the CRTC to cap usage.


Fergus, ON
reply to loopdokter
I'm in Fergus using and as the others have said, you will have to wait for the decision from the CRTC this week to see what plan changes there will be. I'm currently on the grandfathered 30/2/400GB plan and have been very happy with the service, I was on Teksavvy DSL then Cogeco cable (I wanted more speed than DSL) before switching to Start.

I would also like unlimited even though I haven't really come close to my current limits lately. If nothing changes with the CRTC decision, I may switch to the 60/2/350GB plan for more speed.
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