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[HN9000] IMAP SSL lost connections

I have many emails distributed over many web hosts on shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting accounts. Been using IMAP over SSL and recently I am getting lost connections. I upped the timeouts on the dedicated servers, to 60 seconds, but it has not helped. Works most of the time but has issues at least 5-10 times a day. Have IMAP sync set to 15 minutes, on inboxes only, on about 15 emails. Primarily using KMail on Kubuntu 12 but also have Win 7 & 8 that all have the same issue. Everything works great everywhere except on home Hughes connection.

- Anyone else using IMAP? if so what is your experience?
- Is the SSL an issue?
- Any setting I could change on the server to help?
- Is POP3 going to work better?

I want to keep emails on the server because I move around a lot and use many devices. I dread the call to Hughes CS and having to explain what IMAP is and that I'm not using VPN.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY

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I've used IMAP exclusively for years, and have had no such issues - unless I set up the receiving account incorrectly. It's easy to fix, but I occasionally forget to tell the SMTP side (my send) to use the same settings as the IMAP side (my receive). On my Windows PCs, the email client is set to check mail every 20 minutes, and to wait 1 minute before timeout. Pretty sure both of these settings are default. On my iPhone and iPad, client settings are equivalent - but frequency is set to PUSH.

POP3 is ok if you've only got one device. With multiple devices however, IMAP takes care of synchronizing common account mailboxes between/among multiple devices. One thing in which we differ though, is encryption. I do not use SSL, never have, see no need for it. You might try switching to unencrypted to see if it provides any relief to your current issue.

One other thing you might try is mail forwarding. I have several web-based (free) email accounts, Hotmail, Gmail, and the like . I set all of them to forward all filtered mail to a common (paid) IMAP account, and (b) leave a copy on the server. When you set an account to forward all mail, protocol doesn't matter. Doing so merely leaves a copy on the server as it forwards another copy to the actual IMAP account. No annoying/intrusive advertising that way either. About once a year or so I go to each of the free accounts and dump what I don't need off the server.

HN7000S - 98cm Prodelin/2w "pure" Osiris - ProPlus - G16/1001H - NOC:GTN - NAT - Gateway - DNS and - Firefox 15/MSIE9 - AV/Firewalled by NIS2012


·HughesNet Satell..
I have a feeling the SSL is responsible. I noticed more people complaining about https not working recently on HN9000. Maybe the extra time needed for secure communication is to much for Hughes.

Thought about doing the mail forward to one account but checked into multiple email processing and it's sequential so I don't think I will gain much. It will also take me a while to rewrite rules for auto organization and filtering.

I have web mail access to all accounts but those are https and because of that they are slow and fail too.

Thanks for the info and suggestions Greg.