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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS


This already was in place in their current "RAI$ED" pricing... internet tiers for 15/5, 25/25 and 50/25 were spaced about $10 apart... notice they don't seem to advertise the 15/5 speed except in entry level triple play.. so in actuality, you'd pay $20 more..

I noticed something kind of sad, a FIOS commercial showing 10 megabits (on a seemingly 15 megabit cable connection) boost to 47 egabits on a seemingly 50 megabit connection during comparable speed tests... assuming cablevision & verizon as the carriers in the NY metro market. Nowhere do I see 15 megabit connections work as 10mbit... unless there is a problem. Conversely, 99% of fios 50 megabit connections register MORE than 50 megabits as do optimum boost... so why advertise that both companies have deflated real world speeds when on average they do not? And if they do, YOU the consumer should complain..

Perhaps if the plans all got a price CUT of $10 each this might actually be a story worth commenting on...