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This is a sub-selection from Value?

Dr Demento
I Vant Blud

Denville, NJ
reply to cableties

Re: Value?

said by cableties See ProfileCall me conspiracy theorist but I wouldn't put it past "carriers" that have "content" to throttle You tube somehow (or so many are watching YouTube that "it" needs serious bump in delivery ...

"Ya broke me pipes!"

I wouldn't call it a conspiracy, more like a case of major incompetence when it comes to the way VZ handles their DNS. It is comically sad when a mobile connection can buffer quicker. Many are starting to agree that for optimal use you have to register for an alternative such as OpenDNS or you can just plug right up to Google's public DNS without an account.

DNS has nothing to do with how a video buffers.


Baltimore, MD
said by silbaco:

DNS has nothing to do with how a video buffers.

Indeed. Don't get me wrong: I'll plug OpenDNS and Google DNS (or even Level3, though those technically aren't public...) over Comcast's DNS servers all day and night. Still, they have absolutely nothing to do with the situation right now.