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Saybrook, IL
reply to gunther_01

Re: Mikrotik Shaper

We aren't marking based on interface. So that looks the same, But we are using address lists for source and destination. Which means we are marking for both direction.

I have tried using global in and outs while bridged, and also interfaces I believe. Now I've routed the box, and using interfaces. Either way shows the same response.

When I run a "both" test, Btest from PC through MT to another MT, only one queue picks up both directions of that test. And sums the throughput in that one queue. For some reason the packets going two directions are getting hit on only one queue when we do a both speed test.

Now when we do single direction tests, everything works as expected. Very strange IMO. And I have seen this with other configurations I have done. And all of those have failed when added to our network and it's traffic. To the point the MT locks up after a few seconds. So something is obviously wrong there LOL. It's not my imagination