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Hillsborough, NJ

Repeating Xfinity Hotspot

My mom's house is right down the street from my grandmother's house. My grandmother's house has a decent signal to the local Xfinity Wifi Hotspot, but my mother's house is too far out of range. What I want to know is, with something like DD-WRT, is it possible to set up a router at my grandmother's house that can repeat the Xfinity wifi so that I can have connection at my moms house? The Xfinity hotspot is very barely visible at my moms house, even when using a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH and DD-WRT, I can see it on the SiteSurvey Client List, and can even join it, but for some reason, the way I have my router configured (which I'm not all too familiar with and its very possible I just don't have it properly configured) doesn't allow me to then connect to my router with my laptop and have the client wifi traffic repeated back to the Xfinity hotspot.

Can someone suggest getting the router to work? Do I just need another wifi router plugged into the Buffalo once the Buffalo is in guest/client mode?


ComcastSteve is the MAN

Sith HMP
I Did What?
Bloomington, IL
"Comcast says that non-subscribers “should search for the ‘xfinitywifi’ network name and click on the ‘Not a Comcast subscriber?’ link at the bottom of the Sign In page” and “then select the ‘Complimentary Trial Session’ option from the drop down list.” The free hotspots will be available through November 7th."

»bgr.com/2012/10/31/comcast-hurri ··· otspots/

I don't know if this helps or if you have tried it yet. May be a shot in the dark.

EDIT: I haven't used DD-WRT in a while but I do remember being able to set it up as Repeater Mode. That is untimately what you would want to do. Receive signal at Gmas and push it to Moms. If I understand you correctly. Comcast may block this some how to prevent abuse but beings they are giving it away to non customers I can't imagine why they would or how for that matter.