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[HN9000] What the heck is going on with HughesNet right now?

Barring a memo I found on their website that amounted to "Yup, something broke, we fixed it. Deal with it" I haven't found anything on the official website about the problems going on.

My most important question is "When is the download zone?". I'm in California, and despite waiting until 11:30 (when is starts saying "Download zone is active") any windows update or major download I leave running ends up being counted against me, even though I can confirm is stops by 3:59. A 500mb download took about 420 mbs from me last night.

My second question is, "What is going on with service?". I've had to disable turbopage because it was denying me access to about half of the websites I wanted to go to, with the infamous "Web Acceleration Error". I was expecting slower speeds, but since reading about the FAP problems and Hughes outage, my internet will go from its peak at about 200kbps (yeah, screw you Hughes Comercials) down to Dial up level, like 12kbps-40kbps. That's just unacceptable, given it took me 6 hours to download 100 mbs.

So, is there a trick to fixing that, and is anyone else still having these problems? What's the cause?

West Mich.
Hughesnet is the worst I've ever seen it.
The 9000 issues are all supposed to be fixed sometime today (2/19) but I have yet to see Hughes do anything right or on time.

Download zone ? Who knows..been bouncing all over.
Support, well look at the websites change log first. the topics are cut to ribbons with all the deletes.

Just wait it out, keep your expectations low or go with Exede. That is what I'm going to do.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..
reply to BroCop
I dont recommend you to upgrade to the Gen4, if this is what your wantin to do for sure then its best to wait for the bugs to get worked out of the system first.

Of course like Gwalk said, you can always go with Excede(witch is what I recommed if you were new to this whole internet on satellite)