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Re: Square footage/Family size

said by Badonkadonk:

said by Bob4:

3400 sq ft?!?! Wow, you must like cleaning! Yeah, I'd say it's a bit big for two people.

I don't know if raw square footage numbers tell the entire story. It really probably varies based on layout. Our house is a little under 3900 sf on two levels, but it doesn't feel that big. The downstairs where we hang out most of the time is only 1900 sf. The rest of the square footage is upstairs in 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. So it's really not that much space when it comes down to actual usage.


I moved from an 1100 sq ft house, to a 1450 sq ft one, this summer...

The new one, being a far smarter layout, feels WAY bigger then just the numbers would show. It's about usable space; and the way you live.

As for downsizing/rightsizing, there's way more to it then just the square footage...

- Does the present house feel like "too much" to keep up?
- Are there economic drivers for getting into something cheaper?
- Would something different actually be cheaper, compared to the mortgage, rates, etc you've got now...

Get's to be complicated fast...