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Getting Freaky With It
Sedro Woolley, WA
reply to BKayrac

Re: Path of Exile

I am struggling with buying items from players. I never know really what's an acceptable price. Most of the people never list a price they want, I make an offer, they laugh, I ask them what they want exactly and then they ask for something ridiculous because they know I have almost no idea of what to pay.

I have found 2 good spots to farm though and have been getting lots of chaos orbs and a few alchemy and GCP's. There are 2 outdoor maps where there are tons of bunched up mobs just waiting to be mowed down by my AOE attacks. From levels 40 thru 50+ are perfect farm spots that net me about 20-25% xp per 10-20 minute run.

Some boss mobs are a pain in the ass so I end up having to kite them a little bit since my resists suck and my gear is so-so. But overall it lets me level up quick so I can get a few levels over the mobs in the new areas I need to clear out.

Once I get some better resist/damage gear and put some points into resists and life on my skill tree, it should go a bit easier.