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TFN to a DID - Remove Server Confirmation Sound

Currently forwarding our TFN to our local DID 1-315-217-4269 which then forwards to an IP address for our call center.

There is a little "confirmation sound" when it transfers from the DID to the IP address. How do I remove this?



I hear the sound when calling the 315 ring-to number directly. To troubleshoot, try connecting to the SIP URI from an IP phone, ATA or softphone. If you still hear the sound, the problem in your call center's system.

If not, confirm by getting a DID from another provider (or use a free DID from Callcentric or IPKall) and make a test call there. If you get the sound, you'll need to capture some traffic to see what's going wrong. If not, I'd complain to Choice One (or whoever is reselling them to you).


Hi Stewart,

Thank you for the response. Not sure how to do what you mentioned, but I have more information.

The calls are forwarded to a tool called eyebeam softphone which is linked to vicidial, the web portal.


The call center IT guy thinks it's their call center's server. Is that possible? And if so, then the server company would be able to remove the sound?



downloadconfsound.wav 6,780 bytes
I called the DID when your call center was closed, and heard a few seconds of music, before the message about waiting for an agent.

I suspect that the sound heard during business hours is a fraction of a second of that music, during the time it takes to set up the call transfer. Unfortunately, I failed to record the after hours call, but perhaps you can confirm whether this is the case. If so, the easy fix is to change the music recording by adding one second of silence at the beginning.