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[KS] Packet Loss Since Friday

Starting Friday morning I noticed when I was RDP'd into my home PC from work that RDP was very slow and it was like this all day. When I got home did some online gaming and was experiencing connection interruptions constantly in any game I played, affected my Wii U gaming too. I did some ping tests to various IPs such as google and some DNS servers and noticed it was randomly dropping a couple to 3 packets in a row here and there. As of today it's still acting this way. I had unplugged my Netgear 3700 router and my cable modem for 30 min on Sunday and plugged back in to reset them and didn't help at all. Any ideas of where I need to go from here to figure this out?


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FYI I forgot to login when I posted this, same guy here. I just did a test on and here are the bad results attached. Says my line quality is a D and 2% packet loss,


Phoenix, AZ
try bypassing the router all together and reboot the modem and computer and see what happens