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Rogers Help Retentions with Cellphone?

hey I am looking for some help regarding my rogers cellphone. i hear that people these days are getting help from retentions to get deals on their cellphone. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction or what to do.

I currently am on a plan that I pay $50/month (with taxes) that just gives me CALLER ID, unl texting, unl after 6pm, 300min, and free BB usage, but I have no data. I do not have any contract with them, this is a normal monthly plan, but I am signed up with the Rogers loyal customer thing which means it will cost me $12 penalty if I cancel my services since I am a loyal customer.

Anyways, I called *611 from my phone and talked to a rep to try and get a better deal, but all he was offering me was more expensive plans to my cellphone which I did not want. I was hoping for a deal for $5 or $10 tops.

He was telling me the cheapest is $15 for 150MB of DATA or promo 6Gb for $30. I do not want to pay $80 for a cellphone plan that is ridicilous.

It seems like I could not get any deal $15 for 150MB? Couldn't they offer 150MB for $5 lets say. I would assume $15 for 500MB or 1GB of DATA but 150MB??? That is what the rep on the phone told me. Maybe I am doing something wrong. What is going on here. Can someone help me out please or point me in the right direction, thank you very much.


(let me know if u need more details)
I have been a customer for 1 yr, I am on the loyalty plan, this is a monthly plan, my total is 50/month with taxes for the features I mentioned. I get what I need except I get no data services.

I would upgrade to a 3yr term for BB10 z10 or iPhone5 they keep offering but not if I have to add-on $15 for 150MB of data. that is really bad.


Scarborough, ON
The trend these days is to give $10-$20 monthly discounts off the in market $70 voice and data plan. The discount amount will vary based on your tenure, your perceived likelihood to cancel, and the reps mood. If that doesn't fit your needs, I'd suggest looking elsewhere towards a discount carrier.
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Brantford, ON
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Re: Rogers Help Retentions with Cellphone?

What a sad state of affairs in Canada... when we have to BEG a retentions department for a fair deal on mobile communications.