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Cupertino, CA

Install Question Regarding Fusion for Small Business

I tried to revive my existing topic regarding Fusion for Small Business (see »Question about Fusion for Small Business) but I guess the topic was too old. Anyways, AT&T is trying really hard to lose my business because they jacked up my DSL rate to $60/month for 1.5/384 DSL with static IPs bringing my total bill (voice + DSL) to almost $160/month!

I want to dump AT&T as quickly as possible now but there is a very good chance our business will be moving to a new location inside the mall within 6 months. My question now is if I get Fusion installed now at my current location, would moving the service to the new location (within the same building, mind you) require another tech visit or is it something I can do myself?

Thanks in advance!

San Jose, CA
It probably depends upon how the IW (inside wiring) is organized within the mall and how changes are made to it.

Does each business have their own DMARK in their business space installed and maintained by AT&T? Or, does each business have IW pairs that go back to a central DMARK, and that wiring is maintained by the mall?

If you should simply have a regular AT&T phone line, how would that be handled? Would AT&T come out and change the IW, or would a mall contractor do that? You'll have to check with mall management.

If the mall has an independent contractor do all the IW changes, then you could probably get your Fusion pair(s) moved by that contractor to your new location. As long as that works, you wouldn't even have to contact Sonic, but you should probably call them to update your administrative information.

- Bill