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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: So...

said by ExoticFish:

said by loli:

I'm on the 35/35 option. Will 10 bucks give me 50/25 or 75/35. Either way, I mostly enjoy the upload. They should make it 5 bucks!

$10 will give you 50/25 according to this. So you'd be losing upload speed.

True, they renegged on symmetric bandwidth, then jacked rates up.. unless your grandfathered in on one of those plans. BTW, if you want to see what REAL fiber can do... Verizon is not doing right by the consumer.. Google is:

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Baltimore, MD
Google is using an active ethernet setup for their Fiber offering while Verizon uses PON. For Verizon, it would cost even more than the $23 billion or so they have spent to use an active ethernet network over PON. For Google, they can afford to use AE since they are dealing with a single city.