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Quota suddenly exceeded

I'm had Rcn for about 12 years and mostly use Outlook with it as a pop client. I've never in 12 years gotten a quota message.
Today I got a message that I was over quota.

Going into webmail showed that I was using just about all my 2GB limit. Going through the oldest webmails showed that I was storing since about a year ago and I spent some time deleting about 7% just to get the email going again.

I also went into my outlook settings telling to remove from server when deleted. I then deleted all my spam and this locked Outlook up for hours until in seemingly resynched with Rcn's mail servers.
However, the quota percentage did not go down.

I have no particular explanation why I never had a quota overage till now, it appeard that maybe the old emails beyond a year dropped off a cliff and were deleted. I have no clue.

I wonder if anything lately changed to start enforcing email quotas.

I have to now use the webmail interface to delete a lot of emails just to get down to a decent percentage.
Outlook has a setting to remove from server after a maximum of 100 days, I don't know if that would work. Are there any tools out there than can force Rcn's servers to delete a large range of messages???


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Gainesville, VA

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charlestek - Good morning. I wanted to let you know that nothing has changed as far as quota. You have always had a 2GB limit. I have some additional information to share, which I will do through private message.

Hope this helps.



Roslindale, MA

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reply to charlestek

Unfortunately, with the nature of POP, there is no way to delete a batch of emails using Outlook and having that sync with RCN, you have to do it through the web portal. The only way to make that happen would be for RCN to upgrade to the IMAP protocol, which automatically updates changes between Outlook and the mail server. RCN hasn't commented on making any changes, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

charlestek See Profile, do you have a you a need to keep emails over 100 days? if so the best thing maybe to create a new outlook email profile and have it resync with the server RCN mail server. This will keep your old emails on the computer, and will force Outlook to download only the emails that you have kept on the server. See this article for a little more info.


Personally, I forward all of my RCN mail to a Gmail address, they support IMAP, so it syncs to my phone and computer without a problem. If I delete an email from Outlook, it deletes it from the web server. You can even have it setup so that you can reply from your RCN email address as well. The mail quota for Gmail is about 4x that of RCN, so you'll run into that quota error a lot less.

Good luck.


Chicago, IL

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reply to charlestek

There is a graphical banner on the RCN website stating that they have increased the quota to 5GB:


You now have immediate access to easier-to-use, new and improved features:
•More than double the mailbox quota size (From 2GB to 5 GB)
•Search the web from your email screen
•Faster, more intuitive email interface
•Access and share documents on the go
•Much more!