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St Catharines, ON
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reply to ekster

Re: Red cups with the funny rim back at Timmie's

said by ekster:

I can't stand either of those coffees. We have an espresso machine at home, so I will just drink that.

Have a nice Delonghi drip + expresso maker. It gets used once and a blue moon, now my French press gets a workout 4-5 times a week.

said by Anav:

First cup, and I get a free donut. Yechhh.

Give it to someone homeless, about the nicest thing you can do with a Tim's "donut"

said by LazMan:

Of the major chains, I prefer Timmies... Starbucks is too bitter; ditto for Timothy's.

McD's is pretty decent; and I really like Robyn's, but they aren't anywhere to be found in Southern Ontario anymore (Marathon is about the closest they come anymore...)

Timothy's, William's, Coffee Culture all decent alternatives.

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