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Jamaica, NY
reply to mj3431

Re: Comcast business is $60 a month

said by mj3431:

Perhaps providers and competition are a little different in NY. In MO there's often not multiple options for dedicated high bandwidth access.

Level 3, Verizon Business/MCI, Cogent, TW Telecom, Windstream, will run metro business fiber anywhere if you sign a contract, plus the local cable co. All them have metro fiber in MO.


This is getting OT, but I'm aware of all of this, and none of them pass a building I'm familiar with.

And yes, I already asked the local cable, 2 area telcos, and Windstream, and they all refused to build to that location because there were no other business opportunities near it. They (recently) all told me they just couldn't make any money off it. Period. Thanks to federal stimulus funding the building will be a Community Anchor and served with 1Gbps service before the year ends for little more than 2 T-1's now.

Or you have CenturyLink or Optimun that want several thousand dollars to build out a few hundred feet of fiber... in one case $15,000 for 90 feeet. E-Rate does have some success, but it is still all bureaucratic BS. I know there are a couple progressive states with smart leadership in IT looking to adjust things in that area... time will tell if it will work.