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Annapolis, MD

Range hood vent flapper sticking

I have a ~50 year old Broan vent hood in my kitchen that's got an internal flapper to prevent air from backdrafting through the roof vent and back in the hood. Unfortunately this flapper has enough grease built up on the seal that it gets stuck shut after each use. I have to remove the blower and unstick the flapper by hand to use the hood.

I've tried cleaning the flapper and seal with Purple Power (no luck) and spraying both down with silicone spray (also no luck).

Is there some sort of thin teflon strip that I could put on the flapper sealing surface to keep it from sticking? I could also stick something in there to keep the flapper from seating fully on the seal, but I'd rather not do that.

Carnegie, PA
How long has this been happening? Just since it got really cold? Could be a freezing issue if so..

Otherwise, I`d check the hinge for buildup, needs to move smoothly.

If you have the access, a controlled touch with a torch will take care of any grease. Steel wool will shine it up after cooldown.

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Annapolis, MD
Hmm. Torch might be a good idea- will have to check out what the seal material is. Probably just some old rotting foam.

Definitely not freezing, and by the feel of moving it, the hinge is fine, it's just the perimeter of the flapper that's getting stuck.


Pierrefonds, QC
Probably all the oil that accumulated on the seal and now acts as a glue.

jack b
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Cape Cod
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You could soften any heavier grease using heat, but I'd be leery of using a torch with an open flame. Using a heat gun instead might make the fire department a little happier.

Wipe down any surfaces that might be causing the flap to stick with a rag or durable paper wipe with some lemon oil. (cuts grease)
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Cortland, OH
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Spray some Dawn Liquid dishwashing liquid around the edges of the seal and especially around the hinge. It's the safest, easiest way I know of for cutting heavy grease. Then wipe it down as best you can with paper towels (dampened) until you don't see any more grease sains on the towels. You're on the right track, but you're not getting whatever you're using all around the flapper/sealing surfaces. And I agree... the problem is still probably with the hinge or very close to it. I know it's most likely a real pain to get to, but it still needs cleaned... not just "good enough" but "white glove" clean. You might try an old toothbrush and scrub 'til your back tells you to stop. And it will. Give the cleaner time to work.
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Glendale, AZ
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