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Cisco Kid


Guide information

Of late more often than not; the Guide has only only displayed forward 6 days.....it had been 7 days. Competitiors guides go out 14 days.

Is this 6 day forward now the norm? ie...today you can only see thru Sunday 2/24


Melbourne, FL

It's always been like that. I wish it would go for two weeks too. It would help when scheduling recordings.


Edgewater, FL
reply to Cisco Kid

yea I've always known the guide to do 6 days out + current day. Road runner is the same way as they use the same equipment. No idea what comcast uses but I would gather its the same. Satellite hardware since it is purchased by the consumer tends to offer up flashier interfaces and features (like tivo has) since it is a far more competetive buyers market. ATTs uverse system is there own and they make a flashier UI to try and entice cable subscribers away as well.

So yea in the end.. default cable equipment is pretty bland stuff.. go figure.

Cisco Kid


I've seen Comcast....their Guide goes out 2 weeks. In fact, the Comcast Guide has darn near the same features as Dish...... I do hope there are good things in the future for the BHN guide......my concern is how sometimes it now gets very slow to respond.....like it is lacking memory (and I realize that is the hardware).


Indianapolis, IN

My guess is that it is either the amount of memory or possibly the way the box allocates or uses the memory which causes those slow response times. Complex stuff, but reboot usually fixes it at least temporarily.