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John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp
reply to margioa

Re: using uhf for wifi transmition

So, ~10x the price of a UBNT Loco M5.

I like it when 'teh maths' is easy, lol.

The problem here in the US is that the same frequency range (460-500 MHz) is jammed packed with users, third world...not so much, if any at all.

I have a design in Panama and one in Costa Rica that might be able to benefit from this vendors radios. Lots of vegetation to deal with, of course. The objective is to move bandwidth into the hill regions. If I can do 5GHZ up into a distribution hub, then use the Orion radio on a 20 MHz channel to do PtMP to the villages, and using 2.4 GHz wifi to connect to the user, I'm thinking that might work pretty good.

A timely discussion, lads!
Nothing makes an American want to do something more than telling them they can't.