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This is a sub-selection from What the heck, it's only money


reply to cdru

Re: What the heck, it's only money

said by cdru:

That's more or less why they can offer 50mbps for not that much more...most people can't/won't utilize the extra speed.

I went from 15/5 to 50/25 so the speed bump was substantial. I have two network connected TVs running Netflix. I just downloaded a 3Gig ISO (MSDN) in about 10 mins whereas it would have taken at least 30 mins previously.

Do I need the bandwidth now? No, but historically, my bandwidth consumption has always increased. I went from dialup to DSL to cable, then fiber. Each time, there was always an application that *required* the extra bandwidth. (think email, web, VOIP, Skype,Netflix, Roku).

Must as well get used to the bigger pipe now.