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Tavistock NJ
reply to haroldo

Re: iTunes never sees iOS devices over WiFi

said by haroldo:

Since upgrading to iTunes 11, I don't believe iTunes has ever seen either iPhone or iPad (both fully up to date) over WiFi.
I rebooted Airport Extreme, turned off and on WiFi, etc. to no avail.
Any ideas?

I hit this problem with Windows 7 & iTunes all the time. If I do a cold reboot of PC; then start iTunes; then Wifi sync works just fine. But if I shutdown iTunes and restart iTunes later on; the wifi sync won't work until I do the full reboot of PC & restart of iTunes fresh after the reboot. I think it has something to do with re-establishing ports thru the Netgear router when a reboot of PC is done.

But if I never shutdown iTunes after the cold PC reboot, the wifi sync will work for weeks on end.
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