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Hallo lisa Aus Amerika
Byron, GA
reply to nickphx

Re: [AZ] Moving to Arizona. Apartments with Cox? Good/Bad?

said by nickphx:

If you even had a multi-player game from the 80's it would have worse bandwidth consumption.

If you're streaming your video gaming on twitch, that's where your bandwidth usage is going... Gaming doesn't take up much at all..

Please stop spreading FUD. Everyone of your posts is how awful cox is, how high their prices are. Boo hoo.

I Know what gaming uses been gaming since 97, also You dont know what i been through with Cox communications

you have the 8 hrs to read the full report? is so i will start typing if not, heres the Short of it

a cox employee lied about what he had done and it cost Cox communications over $ 10,000 to get my internet fixed, what it turned out to be is a $39.00 Drop, and about 24 Cox trucks at my house and $2,000 worth of damage to the lawn etc ,

So you have no idea.
Holocaust survivors and their family's fill this out.