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[DSL] Getting 7Mbps before and after Bell on Teksavy

I recently switched from Bell to Teksavvy last week after constant billing issues with Bell that caused made me drop the ball and switch. I was on there 12 Mbps plan and everything besides the billing issues was fine getting an average of 11 Mbps. It wasn't until the end of December I noticed my speeds dropping to around 7Mbps. Since I was planning to switch, I really did not care to call into bell to fix the problem and hoped everything would iron out once I switched to Teksavvy. I was connected to Teksavvy's service last Friday on the 10Mbps plan but I am still only getting 7Mbps.

Teksavvy called me that day to ask if my connection was working but I noted to them the problem of getting only 7Mbps then and when I noticed the problem when I was on Bell. The person said It's normal to never get the actual speed and I understand that since I never fully got 12Mbps but always close to it. 7 I believe is to low. Is there any idea of what can be done about this to fix this and to at least get me to close to 10Mbps?


Ottawa, DSL
Post your line stats.


How do I do that?


Toronto , ON
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You should post this in »TekSavvy Direct


Gatineau, QC
·TekSavvy DSL
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Personal experience, this might not even be applicable for you, but I also made the switch from Bhell to Teksavvy 5 years ago.

Back then, I was getting a very stable 7/1 fastpath connection. I switched because I was tired of overpaying and getting a ridiculously low 60GB monthly allowance. I was going to drop down to a 6/1 profile, but didn't care much about that, I was getting 200GB for $10 less!

Everything worked out well for a few months and then I had to be put on a 6/1 interleave profile because 7/1 had become extremely unstable. That worked ok for another few months, then the 6/1 became really unstable. And since then I have been on a 4/1 fastpath profile that loses sync at least 10 times every day and re-syncs at lower and lower profiles until finally establishing a solid and stable connection.... at 784/960. That's not even a 1mbps!!

Several Bell techs later, the problem is still there, but I'm leaving. I only have a dry loop that still links me to Bhell and it's going out the door in 2 weeks time. I'm switching to TSI cable.

The thing is, I bet that if I had decided to leave TSI and crawl back to Bell, my connection would probably go straight back up to a very stable 7/1. I am convinced that I was switched to less than perfectly operational hardware when I jumped ship.

I hope your personal experience doesn't end up being as nightmarish as mine.


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But what about doing a line stat, How do I do that?