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Yonkers, NY

[OOL] speed test results for OOL,speed.net=58Mbps dslr site=15M

i checked the FAQ, i see other posters are having the same questions. I tried with no router, then, no router, no anti virus, than bare, no router,antivirus,firewall and i still was getting between 10 to 20 Mbps using the flash sites, trying the ones that were up, DC, colorodo, LA, NJ. I have javascript off. I hooked up my router a cisco e3000 and used its speed test feature, and it got the same exact results. Called optonline they had me try speedtest.net, and it gabe 58 plus Mbps DL average at all locations, still had no router or firewall on and tried DSLR site again, still 10 to 15 Mbps. once the cisco router actually got 58Mbps, but i 5 minutes it was back at under 20Mbps.
downstream s/n=38/ signal level 9Db, worki ng off a different pc so dont have my programs to be able to paste in the ful modem values yet,
What are the real speed test for real world use . I am going to try some quality line test also. i did notice on the the dslr reports speed levels for optoline, lots of people with boost in zip 10--- were under 15Mbps , i am 10701, but i opened the area for optonline isp testing up one zipcode number at a time from 10701 to 10 to get a bigger picture of the optonline speeds recorded.

Account deleted

New Jersey

Re: [OOL] speed test results for OOL,speed.net=58Mbps dslr site

If speedtest.net gives a result of 58 Mbps, you're fine. Don't bother with other tests. DSLR speed tests have been broken for years and the site owner doesn't care.

If you switch between a direct connection and connecting via your router, be sure to power-cycle your modem.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
reply to yonkers10701
I've always believed the best test is to use your connection. That means downloading large files from several sites to see what occurs with use. To me speed tests are simply a snapshot for a very short period and may give you results which are very different from how your connection actually works.
Warning, If you post nonsense and use misinformation and are here to argue based on those methods, you will be put on ignore.