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Brooklyn, NY
reply to morbo

Re: Pricing is nice; no 4g?

There is 4G on their $45/month plan, is 5GB of 4G speed and after that will be throttled down to edge. GoSmart is the only one so far to offer that high cap and second MVNO is Solavei with 4GB cap.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
The site "Up to 5GB of High-Speed web (5GB at 3G speeds, then 2G speeds for the rest of the cycle)." What's ambiguous is what exactly 3G speeds are. Is it UMTS 3G or HSPA+ aka 3.5G aka T-mobiles 4G.

Regardless if it's 3G, 3.5G, 4G, or infinityG, what matters is the speed. I've gotten 200k on TMobile's 4G, and several megabits on 3G (as indicated by my phone).


reply to m3nphls
Wrong, their is 3G on their $45 plan, connections are throttled to around 900kbps, though you'll still be connected to HSPA or HSPA+ if you check the details on the website it clarifies that high-speed is 3G, the $35 plan is only 2G.

In my opinion the plans are worthless, unless you really stream a lot of music, video streaming can be problematic at 3G speeds, Solavei 4 GB for $49 is the best in my opinion, and I'd even take straight talk's ~2GB over these plans, they just aren't compelling.

For a prepaid carrier, they are priced too high, though I understand why, they are opening retail stores, too much overhead for prepaid.
They also don't have the roaming of Solavei, which roams pretty much where normal postpaid t-mobile roams, that's a deal breaker, on t-mobile you really should have roaming.


·T-Mobile US
Im on the Walmarts family mobile plan ( just a name for Tmobiles post paid 3g). There new plan is 1GB of high speed data "3G" ( formally only 250 MB "3G") then throttled to 2G after words for $40 the previous plan was $45.

I must say previously the best I could achieve was 900 kbps down/500 kbps up with there high speed data ( throttled 3G), now on speed tests I hit 6700 kbps down /1900 kbps up. Im sure Gosmart will be on par to this.

Its true movielover no roaming is a deal breaker one thing that I accept family mobile is allowed to roam where Tmobile has affiliates that definitely is a plus as 20-25% of my time Im in ATT territory which means no data but Im able to talk and txt and that a lot better than no service at all .


Fremont, OH
reply to m3nphls
GoSmart isn't really an MVNO- it's just T-Mobile using another brand- such as Virgin Mobile USA and Boost- they're no longer MVNOs just prepaid brands.


Yes I didn't really claim they were, though I made have worded it wrong, the point I was trying to make is that they compete with mvno's and as such their prices are too high for too little.