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Re: 3-6 drops a day

having the exact same issue... bell tech support on the phone is useless and always tells me my connection is fine. Tech has been out, replaced outside lines, run tests at pole and inside line. Every test comes up fine. It dropped while the tech was here the last time though and he said he had no idea why it was doing it. Had drops only once in a while with the 2 wire modem, but since switching to 15/10 with the new modem that comes with it (replaced twice already), it sometimes happens 10 times a day, and once it drops once it will drop a few more times before working normally again.
Tech support is useless, does anyone have a solution? Only phone line in the house runs to the kitchen, we have dry loop internet (so no phones attached). Times seem to be random, not related to lights on or any appliances running. (only appliance on all the time is the fridge and it's a good 15 ft from the modem and i have not noticed the fridge motor running when the issue occurs)

super frustrated at this point.