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Looks interesting

The pricing actually beats the Net10 setup that I have now.
I need to find a (somewhat) definitive list of compatible BYO phones before I start considering it in earnest, though.


·T-Mobile US
It does look interesting that is if all the taxes and fees are included, Im on the Walmarts family mobile plan ( Gust a name for Tmobiles post paid 3g). There new plan is 1GB of high speed data "3G" ( formally only 250 MB "3G") then throttled to 2G after words for $40 the previous plan was $45. I use my T mobile G2x (unlocked) and it works fine for BYOD on walmart family mobile I assume all tmobile phones will work just fine on gosmart for BYOD.

I must say previously the best I could achieve was 900 kbps down/500 kbps up with there high speed data ( throttled 3G), now on speed tests I hit 6700 kbps down /1900 kbps up. That is a hell of an improvement however 1GB is still lacking compared to 5GB on Gosmart. The only reason I stay is I have corporate pricing so my bill is $32 a month on the $40 plan and that includes all taxes and fees. If I didn't have that option that $40 family mobile plan would be $48 after taxes and fees for 1 line.
At that cost I'd just jump ship to Go smart.


reply to FTWalker
Any T-mobile phone or galaxy nexus, nexus 4 will work guaranteed.
All the phone needs is to be GSM and have 3G on AWS spectrum (1700/2100)