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Dover, DE

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Re: Being charged for 2 digital adapters?

said by RG86:

Sign the petition:

»www.ipetitions.com/petition/comc ··· rcharge/

If you have privacy concerns, just sign with your initials and an anonymous email address. Comment if you wish. We need NUMBERS to make this petition have any importance. Sign it and email the petition link to your contacts and tell them to email it to all of their contacts.

$5 per month is not a lot of money, but, realize that Comcast is probably charging each of its 20 million plus customers. Do the math and that is over a BILLION dollars a year being sucked out of our pockets !! Enough is enough!!! You should be mad as heck at the big corporation aided by the big government ramming this down our throats. If you are not, then we deserve what we get.

then leave!

oh wait you need boxes with verizon, and with dish.....
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