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New York, NY

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reply to guppy_fish

Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

guppy, that is finally a much more clear and concise explanation of what is really going on.

A few people might be right, including myself when we said that out own PON card or something in the CO has going bad or has become oversubscribed.

I say the above not only because of pings and tracerts, but because I couldn't download a few times in the last two months over 10Mbit/sec, VOD was not perfect, VOD menu's took 5 seconds or more to respond, Verizon said they couldn't figure it out and that there was loss at the OLT..... Downloading made my pings to my first hop and on go from 25 to 300 with packet loss during those few nights. Mind you it wasn't for hours on end, just in spurts. Still ruins everything. Some people like myself have users playing games, parents watching VOD and myself trying to dropbox/remote desktop and share files with the fiance. Everything experiences lag/cut outs and just plain annoyances. But once again, my specific example is rare. That is why I started MRTG graphing to a few hops plus outside peers to graph when things happen.

Come to think of it, I haven't checked my graphs in a while. Busy with work/family. But looking at my charts towards 4 different FiOS connections, they all have the same spikes around the same time every single night. My first hop graph looks normal, my second hop ping chart is showing the same spikes.