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Re: Pricing is nice; no 4g?

Wrong, their is 3G on their $45 plan, connections are throttled to around 900kbps, though you'll still be connected to HSPA or HSPA+ if you check the details on the website it clarifies that high-speed is 3G, the $35 plan is only 2G.

In my opinion the plans are worthless, unless you really stream a lot of music, video streaming can be problematic at 3G speeds, Solavei 4 GB for $49 is the best in my opinion, and I'd even take straight talk's ~2GB over these plans, they just aren't compelling.

For a prepaid carrier, they are priced too high, though I understand why, they are opening retail stores, too much overhead for prepaid.
They also don't have the roaming of Solavei, which roams pretty much where normal postpaid t-mobile roams, that's a deal breaker, on t-mobile you really should have roaming.


·T-Mobile US
Im on the Walmarts family mobile plan ( just a name for Tmobiles post paid 3g). There new plan is 1GB of high speed data "3G" ( formally only 250 MB "3G") then throttled to 2G after words for $40 the previous plan was $45.

I must say previously the best I could achieve was 900 kbps down/500 kbps up with there high speed data ( throttled 3G), now on speed tests I hit 6700 kbps down /1900 kbps up. Im sure Gosmart will be on par to this.

Its true movielover no roaming is a deal breaker one thing that I accept family mobile is allowed to roam where Tmobile has affiliates that definitely is a plus as 20-25% of my time Im in ATT territory which means no data but Im able to talk and txt and that a lot better than no service at all .