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Re: Seems you would want to deploy in densely populated areas

said by MovieLover76:

Also Verizon is deploying to LTE to every 3G market, while it's possible that some areas of certain rural markets may not see LTE this year, the simple fact is that these are areas that Sprint doesn't cover either, the reason Sprint can say they are targeting every cell site for this rollout is because it's network is much smaller than Verizon's, Sprint depends on Verizon for roaming coverage in areas there network doesn't reach. As I am a former Verizon customer i know Verizon and those last cell sites will get LTE, it just might be later than 2014, Not to put down Sprint, but Verizon knows how to deploy networks and how to keep them running well.

Ok here's what I mean that Verizon is not deploying LTE to every tower like Sprint. Verizon has 3G on the 1900 MHz frequency while they are deploying LTE on the 700 MHz frequency. An advantage of the 700 MHZ frequency is that with a single tower you cover a lot of area and because of this Verizon can match their 3G footprint with LTE by cherrypicking towers and not upgrading all of them. However, there are downsides to this. First of all while the lower frequency provides a lot of coverage in area, it also provides a lot less throughput. Combine this with Verizon's large amount of customers and you can see the trouble: a single tower covers A LOT of people (because of its large coverage area due to low frequency and lots of customers) and with less throughput, soon you will see Verizon's LTE slowing down significantly (if it hasn't already happened) and all of this because Verizon is cherrypicking their towers in order to thinly match their 3G footprint and not upgrading every tower like Sprint (Sprint is upgrading every tower, not just matching their 3G footprint)
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In their second phase, they will be adding 1700Mhz LTE, particularly to address this issue. Verizon is good at maintaining a network, and when it comes down to it. I'd trust Verizon to maintain it's network, better than Sprint, whose 3G network is extremely slow, due to overselling it.

Not that I'm advertising for Verizon, I actually use T-mobile and I'm satisfied with it. I just think some Sprint users are getting very excited by press releases, let's wait until they really have it deployed, that's when Sprint will prove itself.


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Interesting, did not know Verizon was going to launch part of there LTE on the 1700mhz band, I wonder if there will be a roaming agreement between them and T mobile. This would be very interesting and possibly help drive roaming competition prices as Currently the only major player TMO can roam of is ATTs GSM network ( also now some of ATT hspa 1900mhz band). pit ATT against Verizon for best roaming agreement package/ coverage and lowest cost and see what happens.

This assumes ATT and Verizon will play ball however.


Until they are all LTE, it's a no go as their voice networks aren't compatible. GSM based phones run the data and voice over the same radio, so unless they put in an extra radio for roaming, which doesn't make much sense, t-mobile can't roam on Verizon.

Even after Verizon and T-mobile have VoLTE, roaming would only be a possibility if their VoLTE systems are compatible. In other words, it's a real long shot