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reply to Savious Zero

Re: Path of Exile

said by Savious Zero:

That's interesting, now that I've started feeling more streamlined with the game, I am power leveling like a champ.

5 hours to get my templar to 30!

Somebody's hooked

Do you think this will keep your interest longer than D3?

or will you not be able to determine that until you tackle end game for a while?

Savious Zero
Simply the best
Belgrade, MT
Im betting on holding my interest longer than D3. In D3, achieving max level with one class unlocks everything you could want to do with that class. Your only restrictions were gear, and often times gear for one build could be interchanged with another build due to heavy homogenization. You were almost always stacking crit and crit damage on all your classes, as that was the only way to stack damage effectively (barring CM wizards and such).

In PoE, you technically could retool your entire class with enough orbs of regret and respect points from quest, but that would be ridiculously expensive.

This is much more similar to Diablo 2, where you wanted to roll 3 different Amazons to be a Javazon, Bowazon and Pikeazon, and then there were subcatergories of each of those.

Im going to work on a Noob Guide for starting how to start PoE characters.
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