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Colorado Springs, CO
reply to mikedz4

Re: the weather channel local on the 8s hd, when?

said by mikedz4:

yeah that is stupid. But I am glad the NWS is changing their criteria for warnings, watches and advisories.
But alot of people don't want to watch someone dredge the gulf of mexico (not a real show). The weather channel should be about WEATHER not shark chasing. If you want a channel about shark chasing make a nbc documntary channel. Restore the weather channel to its roots. Maybe even make it more localized. Like every 10 minutes have an meteorologist or local meteorologist talk about the local weather. Like here it would be an wtov9 meterorologist.

Ya, I gave up on the Weather Channel years ago when they started these "documentaries" about 10 year old weather. I peek at Weatherscan (WS) which is kinda' like continuous Local on the 8s. WS is in SD here and is pretty accurate. Most of my weather information comes from Wunderground.com. There are a lot of volunteers providing info all over town and anywhere you might be interested in.
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