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Brampton, ON
reply to kavmac

Re: Unlimited Internet option on Rogers for a limited time

said by kavmac:

absolutely not true. i've got the cisco dpc3825, which is $7/month and can get unlimited on all plans, as they were about to give me unlimited on the old ultimate plan last night. only upgrade required is for the new 150/10. so don't just state something that's a lie for others to take at your word.

Wrong buddy, they will not give unlimited to me just because I have ultimate, home phone, and cable TV. I have already contacted the office of the president and its a no go even from them (yyzlhr was right), they ARE false advertising! Its only available to plans lower then ultimate.

Here is what they had to say:

"You are correct in that the details on the Rogers.com website indicate that you can add unlimited internet to any package. With that said, as was discussed earlier, the details as to how unlimited usage is attained for the different tiers is explained in the links provided on that same page. This is not false advertising; you were advised earlier what would be required to have unlimited usage on the Ultimate tier [downgrade to extreme plus or cancel home phone or cancel cable tv]. However, I do apologize if the wording on the page has confused matters. You have my assurance that your feedback will be forwarded to our Planning department in order to review how the details are explained, to ensure the specifications are provided in a clear and concise manner."

As you can see they are just being stubborn as if having two services vs three services makes a difference.


Ottawa, ON
it's still available to anyone with the cisco router, which is what i stated. the fact that you can't obtain it as a customer with other services, is a different story. but it is an actual fact that it can be obtained by someone with the cisco router. see my previous post with a direct screenshot with confirmation from the RogersHelps team on Twitter. nothing stopped me from upgrading to unlimited ultimate with the cisco router last night, except the fact that a) RogersHelps closed for the night and b) i downgraded my plan.