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reply to DC DSL

Re: Anyone have IPv6 on Verzion Land Line?

said by DC DSL:

Those users will be OOL if VZ doesn't figure out and fix whatever is they're doing wrong before they roll-out v6. Otherwise, they'll have a PR nightmare on their hands.

#1 It seems to me, unless I am missing something: You seem to think if Verizon were to deploy IPv6, then Verzon will shut down IPv4 then and there.

#2 And it time to get some stats on IPv4 only, IPv6 only and dual (IPv4 & IPv6) Stack.

I point to »networking.vutbr.cz/live-statistics/ where it clearly shows (today when I looked)

a) Out of at least 5,000,000 domains, for web (HTTP & HTTPS) 95.30% of the servers are IPv4 only (Dual Stack is 4.23% and the rest are IPv6 only).

b) Out of at least 5,000,000 domains, for Mail (SMTP) 87.9% of the servers are IPv4 only (Dual Stack is 12.15% and the rest are IPv6 only).

c) Out of at least 5,000,000 domains, for DNS (domain name) 76.92% of the servers are IPv4 only (Dual Stack is 23.08% and the rest are IPv6 only).

Stats for IPv4 only, IPv6 only, and dual (IPv4 & IPv6) stack

#3 Based upon those stats, it seems crazy/nuts to turn off IPv4. I sure would not...

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Agree, I can't see why an ISP would turn off IPv4 any time soon. They have the network up and running, they have their address allocation and as I think we are all painfully aware most users corporate and consumer alike are woefully unprepared for IPv6. There is no upside to turning off v4.

Public sites will do everything in their power to maintain a direct v4 presence so as to not limit their audience. There are lots of lower priority users out there that will be forced to give up their address so sites are able to maintain a v4 presence.

At some point as the ISP exhausts their IPv4 allocation they will have to tell new customers either 1) they are out of luck or 2) deploy one of the many ugly conversions strategies.

For my own use I just switched DSL providers and asked about IPv6 support hoping I could play with it. Answer was "not yet we'll let you know." The gear they provided does not even have IPv6 firmware support so I assume it will be quite a while down the road.

My web site is v4 only so I'm one of the other 95%.

I though the final RIR IPv4 allocation in Feb 2011 would have sped things up more then is has. In the US we are in better shape then other regions but that also means we will be able to procrastinate longer.

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