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San Francisco, CA

NIMBY and wimax compare

btw, San Francisco and San Francisco Bay Area probably has the biggest NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) crowd in the country, due to the high real estate values.
Funny how the same people who complains about their iphone (ATT) reception are the same people who goes to city planning meetings to reject additional towers.

If the sprint/clearwire deal goes thru, I hope sprint will put LTE on the existing clearwire towers. Clearwire actually has a lot of towers in the San Francisco and Peninsula area, probably they had to in order for WIMAX to work.

Does anyone know how sprint LTE and WIMAX compare in terms of coverage, specifically building penetration? My experience with WIMAX is that I have to be next to a window when I'm inside a building in order to get a WIMAX connection.
I'm still waiting for 800Mhz sprint LTE and corresponding phones to kick in before I'm jumping on the LTE bandwagon.
Besides, the under utilized WIMAX is great, I'm getting 8-10mbps down in most places I go. My old school EVO 4G can't actually render websites fast enough to use that speed.

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Katy, TX
I get a WiMax signal on my phone when I'm at work (around the Financial District). Sometimes I'm near a window and other times I'm in a room with no windows at all. I'm still able to pull a good WiMax signal. Even when I'm at home, I don't need to be near a window to pull a decent WiMax signal.